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Aphenine's Journal

30 July 1982
External Services:
  • aphenine@livejournal.com
aphenine is a spun-off LJ from my main one which is at synergetic. I chose to do that because synergetic started getting too many people I don't know very well, including two people from work, so I wasn't feeling very comfortable about posting there. Additionally, I want to post more opinions and thoughts than I do currently on synergetic without irking my friends enough to de-friend me (as synergetic is pretty much my last link to many people I knew at University).

Summary of Journals:

aphenine: Personal Journal - My thoughts, feelings, emotional responses and half thought out ideas.
sourcesmith: Project Journal: - For PhD and programming work, plus any other kind of project I end up taking on. High usage of physics and computing jargon.
synergetic: Main Journal - Everything else, plus my daily journal, social plans and anything I feel needs the wider audience of my main flist.